The Westminster Standards






The Westminster Standards

Interaction with the Text of

the Westminster Confession of Faith,

the Larger Catechism, and

the Shorter Catechism






Reformed Orthobilly






For the courseWestminster Standards (TH320),
Master of Divinity Program

The North American Reformed Seminary

December 18th in the Year of Our Lord 2012


The Westminster Standards1 are a bulwark of Reformed Orthodoxy. Their teachings encompass such things as are necessary for eternal life, whether the doctrine of God, Scripture, justification, ethics, and more. As a public confession of faith, the WCF details basic requirements for officers of Christ’s church, and sets forth a guiding light for the world and the flock of Christ. The doctrines set forth in this confession and catechetical standards cohere together as a system, no part of which can be tampered with or neglected without…

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