We aim to promote Presbyterian perspectives, as summarized in the Westminster Standards. Read our Confession of Faith.

It is our hope that this site will build up, as is stated in the preface to Jus Divinum Regiminis Ecclesiastici:

“Things are handled rather by way of Positive Assertion than of Polemical Dissertation, (which too commonly degenerates into verbal strifes and vain-jaingling, 1 Tim. 6:3-4, 2 Tim. 2:23) and where any dissenting opinions or objections are refelled [refuted], we hope it is with that sobriety, meekness and moderation of spirit, that any unprejudiced judgement may perceive, we had rather gain than grieve those that dissent from us, we endeavor rather to heal up than to tear open the rent, and that we contend more for truth than victory.”

The views expressed by any contributor are not necessarily the views of any other contributor. Any author or material quoted or linked to is not necessarily an endorsement of everything by the author cited. Each post automatically lists the contributor’s name at the bottom of the page.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. I found this site through a Facebook friend. I was wondering what Presbyterian group you are affiliated with, if any, so that I may annotate it in my bookmarks, if that is ok. Thanks.


  2. Could you point in the direction of an Historicist response to the two-age schema? As attracted as I am to Historicist Postmillennialism what has pushed me in an Amillennialist direction is how the two-age paradigm causes issues for Postmillennialism (as I see it) for the same reason it causes problems for Premillennialism: unto which age does the thousand year golden-age/millennium belong? Please and thanks.


  3. Just found your site today. Excellent ! I am Reformed and it is hard to find
    a good source of truly biblical information.
    Jeff S.


  4. I like this site and visit it often. I found it via Facebook Purely Presbyterian page. i like to learn as much as I can about the Reformed Faith. I am today a Protestant and as a Presbyterian I believe I have come to know more about who I am. I am as many know a former Roman Catholic and a convert to the Reformed Faith. My conversion was a gradual process over many years reading the scriptures and also I believe by God’s grace alone. I am a Reformed Christian and a Presbyterian because its theology of free grace, a gift from our creator and something that is not earned. The Presbyterian church does not save, it offers Christian fellowship but your faith alone in Christ alone saves. Only by faith are we made right before God. Justification is by faith–not by anything we do. There are no meritorious works that we can do to save ourselves. Reformed theology places one’s salvation on the unmerited grace of God alone, by faith alone in Christ alone. For many reasons I became very disenchanted with the Roman catholic church, which under Joseph Ratzinger I thought was moving backwards to a pre Vatican II mentality. I also began to see that many of Romes teachings contradicted the scriptures I decided to leave the RCC in January 2006 and I spent 4 years exploring all the major Protestant denominations. I also started reading about the Reformation In 2010 when I started to read about John Calvin,and John Knox and the Presbyterians and the Reformed faith I knew that I had found the pure gospel of grace and the faith the way it is according to the scriptures.I made my affirmation of faith as a Presbyterian on October 24th 2010. As a Presbyterian I have peace of mind and no weight of guilt because of the grace of God alone and I am assured salvation. I will add that I am a Moderate Calvinist/Free Grace/ Firm Believer in the Eternal Security of the Believer. I subscribe to Original Westminster Confession of Faith which is the traditional formal statement of doctrinal belief for Presbyterians of what the scriptures teach for scripture is only and final authority. I like this site because it gives me a perspective of purely Presbyterian and Reformed beliefs and the fact that the posts are from Reformed Theologians and through this site i am becoming more familiar with the Reformed faith and the true Gospel of grace. As a Presbyterian and a member of the Presbyterian church I now fully understand that only Jesus’ sacrifice can cleanse us. Only by faith are we made right before God. Justification is by faith–not by anything we do. Different from the teachings of Roman Catholicism I realized and understood for the first time that there are no meritorious works that we can do to save ourselves. Reformed theology places one’s salvation on the unmerited grace of God alone, by faith alone in Christ alone. I also believe that scripture alone is our only and final authority and that all Glory and honor is to be given to God alone and no other.~ Dudley Davis ~ All who visit here are most welcome to visit my word press website where my main theme is ” I am now completely Protestant in Doctrine and Conviction” by going to this link. http://dudleyadavis.wordpress.com/


  5. I found this site recently and had a desire to translate your articles into brazilian portuguese for my blog. I’d like to know if there’s some requeriments of you about translations or I can just translate and publish in my blog (giving due credits, of course)?


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