Psalm-Singing Resources


Here are some resources to aid you in learning to sing the Psalms.

Free Resources

1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter

1650 Split Leaf Psalter App (iOS App) (Android App)

1. The Complete Text of the 1650 Scottish Metrical Psalter.
2. Comes with 120 Tunes suitable for singing.
3. Split leaf view – couple any tune in the library with any psalm.
4. Play MIDI tunes to help learn them.
5. Tune recommendations from the FCC Split Leaf and Comprehensive Psalters.
6. John Brown of Haddington’s Notes.
7. Preface to the 1650 Psalter.
8. Full-text search.
9. Search tunes by name.
10. Mark tunes and psalms as ‘favorites’.

An Introduction to the 1650 Psalter.

The Presbyterian Reformed Church has produced a free Psalms CD of about 50 selections from the Psalms, which can be downloaded here, along with a PDF of the 1650 Psalter and a list of the tunes to which the Psalms are sung.

Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church of Wylie, TX has A Complete Audio Psalter available for download. Here you can download MP3’s of all 150 Psalms being Sung.

The Psalms Sung is website a where you can listen to Psalms from various Psalters, including the 1650 Psalter. is another great resource for various Psalters.

Paid Resources

You can purchase a 5 volume CD of Psalm selections from the 1650 Psalter can be purchased from Crown and Covenant.

The Book of Psalms for Singing 

“The most popular English language psalter because of its comprehensiveness and sing ability. Originally published in 1973, The Book of Psalms for Singing has been used by congregations, families and individuals for nearly 40 years. Over 425 selections include all 150 Psalms in their entirety. Many psalm passages are set to multiple arrangements. Settings include many familiar hymn tunes, traditional tunes, some original arrangements and a few chants. Translated from the original language into English meter for singing. Includes 4-part music for each selection and 5 indices.” –– Product Description at Reformation Heritage Books

Various CD’s and MP3 downloads from The Book of Psalms for Singing can be purchased from Crown and Covenant as well. I recommend Psalms of Praise Vol. 1 & 2.



4 thoughts on “Psalm-Singing Resources

  1. These 3 Psalters are real Psalters. They are not chopped-up paraphrases like the 1912, URC, and most of the “Trinity” selections. This is my first time to your blog and it appears to actually be Presbyterian rather than Lutheran, Anglican, Catholic, as most “reformed” sites are now.

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  2. Hello there, thank you very much for sharing these helpful resources.

    May I ask you where did you get that purple edition of the 1650 Scottish Psalter with John Brown’s notes? I can’t seem to find it available; I hope to be able to obtain such a copy.


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