Prohibited Marriages: Consanguinity & Affinity

Charles HodgeSystematic TheologyVol. 3, pp. 407-421. Prohibited Marriages. That certain marriages are prohibited is almost the universal judgment of mankind. Among the ancient Persians and Egyptians, indeed, the nearest relations were allowed to intermarry and in the corrupt period of the Roman Empire, equal laxness more or less prevailed. These isolated facts do not invalidate… Read More Prohibited Marriages: Consanguinity & Affinity

The Reformed Doctrine of Inspiration

Very many┬ámodern doctrines of inspiration (particularly those among the more conservative) arose in the 19th century, through the influences of German Higher Criticism, Hegelian Romanticism, and other irrational dogmas.   Organic Inspiration is the notion that the words of Scripture are not merely the Word of God, through His chosen secretaries or clerks, but that… Read More The Reformed Doctrine of Inspiration