The Church as an Institution | Willem Apollonius

Whether no other external visible church be described in Scripture, and acknowledged by the Word of God, but a parochial or particular church: which is confi­ned to such limits, as that of necessity it must be such as may be contained, and ought to meet, ordinarily in one place, for the celebra­ting of God’s public worship, and all the or­dinances of God with mutual edification: so that the constitution of such a church, which by reason of their multitude, or some other cause, cannot in all their members meet ordi­narily in one place for the celebration of the worship of God and exercise of all God’s ordi­nances, is unlawful and repugnant to the Word of God and the Apostles institutions concerning the constitution of a church de­scribed in the holy Scripture?… Read More The Church as an Institution | Willem Apollonius

What is a Church Member? | Willem Apollonius

Whether there be none to be admit­ted into the communion of the external visible Church, but who is endued with the real internal holiness of regeneration, and with justifying faith in Christ: or, who upon strict examination doth manifest such evident signs of true faith, and real internal holiness, as may convince the consciences of the Church to which he joineth himself, of his sincere faith, repentance and communion in Christ: and that if any congregation admit others, in whom there is not evident proof of these signs, they admit impure and false church­ members?… Read More What is a Church Member? | Willem Apollonius

Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion and Two Kingdoms

John Brown of Haddington Systematic Theology, pp. 309-315.   Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion Distinguished from his Natural Supremacy. Besides that natural supremacy and dominion over all things equally with his Father and the Holy Ghost, Christ hath also a mediatorial dominion, or kingdom, which, I. Was given him by his Father as the reward of his offering… Read More Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion and Two Kingdoms