Did the Apostles Favor the Septuagint?

Why did the New Testament writers quote from the Septuagint (LXX)? Did they favor the Septuagint over the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament?… Read More Did the Apostles Favor the Septuagint?

Do Christians Have to Believe in Satyrs?

The Authorized Version of the Scriptures has many puzzling terms that often confuse us in the modern age.  It references creatures like unicorns, dragons, and cockatrices.  Most of the time it is a simple misunderstanding.  For example, unicorn is just the historic English term for a rhinoceros. One term does cause some puzzlement for many… Read More Do Christians Have to Believe in Satyrs?

Psalmody Objections Answered: Paraphrases

Psalmody Objections Answered: Paraphrases By Richard Bacon Copyright 1999, The Blue Banner (from v. 3 #5-6, May-June 1994), FPCR.org (reposted with permission) Introduction One sometimes hears objections to singing only Psalms in public worship. Interestingly, the objectors seldom stop to consider that many of their objections, if they were valid, would speak against singing any… Read More Psalmody Objections Answered: Paraphrases