Of Explicit & Implicit Satanic Covenanting and Good & Bad Witches

The ground of all the practices of witchcraft is a league or covenant made between the witch and the devil, wherein they do mutually bind themselves to each other. More particularly, the league between the devil and a witch is (1) expressed and open, or (2) secret and close. The express and manifest compact is so termed because it is made by solemn words on both parties. The secret and close league between the witch and Satan is that wherein they mutually give consent each to other, but yet without a sworn covenant conceived in express words and conference. A witch is a magician who either by open or secret league, wittingly and willingly, consents to use the aid and assistance of the devil in the working of wonders. Now howsoever both bad and good witches are evil, yet of the two the more horrible and detestable monster is the good witch. For look in whatsoever place there are any bad witches who only hurt, there also the devil has his good ones, who are better known than the bad, being commonly called wise men or wise women.… Read More Of Explicit & Implicit Satanic Covenanting and Good & Bad Witches

Pharaoh’s Magicians Were Incapable Of True Miracles

Now Jannes and Jambres (for so Paul calls them in 2 Timothy 3:8), the magicians of Egypt, did work the same miracles which Moses and Aaron had done. But here was the difference: Moses made true creatures and wrought true miracles, whereas they did all in appearance and outward show. For theirs were not truly real actions, but only magical illusions, wrought by the sleight and subtlety of the devil in the practice of juggling. And because some think that the serpents and frogs, caused by the magicians, were true creatures, and all their other works as really and truly done as those which Moses and Aaron did, I will here stand a little to show and prove the contrary, that they were only in show and appearance, and not in deed and truth.… Read More Pharaoh’s Magicians Were Incapable Of True Miracles