Fourfold Loosing & Binding of Satan

There is a fourfold loosing and raging of the devil mentioned in the Word, and there is a fourfold victory of the Church over him in opposition to these, also spoken of: 1) Satan’s Personal Dominion & Casting Out of Heaven. 2) Satan’s National Dominion & Casting Down. 3) Satan’s Antichristian Dominion & Millennial Binding. 4) Satan’s Little Season & Casting into Hell for Eternity.… Read More Fourfold Loosing & Binding of Satan

Satan’s Dominion Overthrown De Jure & De Facto

Satan is to be cast out of the world, and in due time bound in chains, to the judgment of the great day [Rev. 20:2-3]. He is not, even at present, lord de jure of one foot of earth; but his usurpation lingers, and is permitted to continue on many accounts (into which it is not our present business to inquire). He is to be ejected, in point of fact as well as right, to exercise no more power or authority either over single men or communities of men, by means of any of those systems on which he has expended, for centuries, the utmost refinement of his subtlety. These shall melt away like the mists of the morning. But even now the church has, on the ground of Christ’s atonement, to go in and take possession of the world from which its prince has been legally cast out, and from which he will ere long, in point of fact, be fully ejected (Luke 10:18).… Read More Satan’s Dominion Overthrown De Jure & De Facto