Transubstantiation: Unbiblical, Ahistorical, and Unreasonable

On every point Transubstantiation is a false, shocking, & novel doctrine. With Transubstantiation falls the sacrifice of the Mass. Upon Transubstantiation, everything important and decisive in the church of Rome may be said in a degree to hang. Yet, Protestant sacramentology truly captures the simple and beautiful institution of Jesus Christ.… Read More Transubstantiation: Unbiblical, Ahistorical, and Unreasonable

“This Is My Body”: Literal or Figurative?

“Why dost thou prepare thy teeth and belly? Believe, and thou hast eaten.” (Augustine, Tractate 25). Daniel Featley, Transubstantiation Exploded pp. 154-189. That the words of the institution, “This is my Body,” are to be taken in a tropical [from trope. Figurative; rhetorically changed from its proper or original sense] and figurative sense, is proved:… Read More “This Is My Body”: Literal or Figurative?

The Judicial Law, as Judicial, has been Abolished | Samuel Rutherford

That this Author saith, God commanded those that transgressed his holy Law with an high hand, and presumptuously to be killed, lest they should live and profane his holy things; I defend not: But sure Erastus erreth, who will have all such to be killed by the Magistrate under the New Testament, because they were… Read More The Judicial Law, as Judicial, has been Abolished | Samuel Rutherford

Sessions, Presbyteries, and Synods

The following is an excerpt from Systematic Theology: A Compendious View of Natural and Revealed Religion by John Brown of Haddington. Read online. In preaching the gospel, and administering the sacraments, ministers exercise their power as single persons. But all jurisdiction relative to admission of members, ordination of officers, censure of offenders, or absolution of penitents, is to… Read More Sessions, Presbyteries, and Synods