Divine Forbearance in Punishing the Wicked

Jehovah-Jireh A Treatise on Providence by William S. Plumer Some explanation of the delays of providence in punishing the wicked. How divine forbearance should be regarded, and how it may be abused. The Almighty does not settle his accounts with creatures every thirty days. He is long-suffering. He is patient under affronts. He forbears to… Read More Divine Forbearance in Punishing the Wicked

The Providence of God in Preserving Scripture

We have written previously on The Preservation of Scripture that God has kept his written word pure for the Church through all ages in the Hebrew and Greek faithful copies (apographa). We continue in this post by precisely explaining how he did so “by his singular care and providence.” First we will briefly discuss the nature of providence, then distinguish… Read More The Providence of God in Preserving Scripture

The Four “Books” of Natural Theology

Natural Theology is the knowledge of God, as sovereign creator and judge, from nature, without special revelation. Man cannot know God as redeemer or discern the gospel from nature, nor many of His attributes, but man can know that God exists, is holy, righteous, wrathful against sin, etc. without having special revelation (Rom. 1:19-21). Therefore, all men are… Read More The Four “Books” of Natural Theology