14 Reasons Roman Catholics Are Not Saved

A Roman Catholic, living and dying according to the complex principles of the doctrine and worship that is followed in Popery, cannot be saved, nor expect justification before God. This way of Roman Catholicism is of itself exceeding sinful, and abominable before the Lord, and so makes a person liable to God’s wrath. As it is of itself sinful, so it has no way for removing sin, but leaves a man without any solid hope of relief from his original and actual sins. And where these two are put together—heinous sin and no way to remove it—what can be expected but inevitable ruin and condemnation? For where the disease is deadly and the cure naught, death must be certain.… Read More 14 Reasons Roman Catholics Are Not Saved

The Myth of the “Continental View” of the Sabbath

While it is true that there is some diversity of opinion and practice on the Sabbath in the Continental Reformed tradition, ranging (in the Netherlands, for example) from the loose position of Cocceius, to the strict view of Voetius, Koelman and a’Brakel, the views of the Reformers regarding the Sabbath are much more Sabbatarian than… Read More The Myth of the “Continental View” of the Sabbath