Transubstantiation: Unbiblical, Ahistorical, and Unreasonable

On every point Transubstantiation is a false, shocking, & novel doctrine. With Transubstantiation falls the sacrifice of the Mass. Upon Transubstantiation, everything important and decisive in the church of Rome may be said in a degree to hang. Yet, Protestant sacramentology truly captures the simple and beautiful institution of Jesus Christ.… Read More Transubstantiation: Unbiblical, Ahistorical, and Unreasonable

A Refutation of the Omnipresence of Christ’s Human Nature

Girolamo Zanchi De Religione Christiana Fides Confession of Christian Religion pp. 391-419. Of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus from the Dead, his ascension into heaven, and sitting at God’s right hand, out of the first of Paul to the Ephesians. 1 God did effectually show the greatness of his power in Christ by raising him… Read More A Refutation of the Omnipresence of Christ’s Human Nature

“This Is My Body”: Literal or Figurative?

“Why dost thou prepare thy teeth and belly? Believe, and thou hast eaten.” (Augustine, Tractate 25). Daniel Featley, Transubstantiation Exploded pp. 154-189. That the words of the institution, “This is my Body,” are to be taken in a tropical [from trope. Figurative; rhetorically changed from its proper or original sense] and figurative sense, is proved:… Read More “This Is My Body”: Literal or Figurative?