Why the Apocrypha is not Canonical Scripture

The Books of the Old and New Testaments Canonical and Inspired;With Remarks on the Apocryphaby Robert Haldane (1764–1842) In course of time, and in the progress of that corruption in the churches which soon began to work, the sacred canon was defiled by the addition and even intermixture of other books, which, through the unfaithfulness… Read More Why the Apocrypha is not Canonical Scripture

The Reformed Doctrine of Inspiration

Very many modern doctrines of inspiration (particularly those among the more conservative) arose in the 19th century, through the influences of German Higher Criticism, Hegelian Romanticism, and other irrational dogmas.   Organic Inspiration is the notion that the words of Scripture are not merely the Word of God, through His chosen secretaries or clerks, but that… Read More The Reformed Doctrine of Inspiration