The Gospel Offer and Limited Atonement

If the gospel is commanded by Christ to be preached unto all men without distinction, does this imply that Christ did in fact die for every individual human being to ever live? If the universal free offer of the gospel is true, how does this cohere with the doctrine of limited atonement? Is God insincere by offering redemption through Christ’s blood to the reprobate in the external call of the gospel, if Christ’s blood was never truly shed for them? In this post we will answer these questions by looking at three 17th century Reformed theologians.… Read More The Gospel Offer and Limited Atonement

Who Was the First Pope?

Having seen that Christ did not institute a papacy in the church, and that Peter was not a pope or universal bishop, one may ask when and how the papacy came to exist and how it became what it is today. The papacy did not appear immediately at one time, rather it developed over a long period of time. Attempting to identify the first pope is akin to asking: When does food become rotten? It is not easy to pinpoint at one specific time because it is a gradual process.… Read More Who Was the First Pope?

Images of Christ Are Unlawful, Even If Not Used For Worship

Francis Turretin, Institutes of Elenctic Theology, vol. 2. Whether not only the worship but also the formation and use of religious images in sacred places is prohibited by the second commandment. We affirm against the Lutherans. I. In the preceding question we treated of the worship of images. It remains to inquire further concerning their… Read More Images of Christ Are Unlawful, Even If Not Used For Worship