Episcopacy Refuted: Historical Arguments

John Dick (1764–1833)Lectures on TheologyVol. 2, excerpt from Lecture XCVIII. I concluded the last lecture by observing that Episcopalians appeal to antiquity in favour of their scheme of ecclesiastical government. Many of them have too much wisdom to think that any decisive argument can be drawn from the Scriptures, and they therefore have recourse to… Read More Episcopacy Refuted: Historical Arguments

Episcopacy Refuted: Scriptural Arguments

John Dick (1764–1833)Lectures on TheologyVol. 2, excerpt from Lecture XCVII. In the Church of England, there are three ecclesiastical orders,—Deacons, Priests, and Bishops. The lowest is the order of Deacons, whose office it is to baptize, to read the Scriptures, homilies, and prayers to the people, to assist the Priests in the distribution of the… Read More Episcopacy Refuted: Scriptural Arguments