The Necessity of Doctrinal Standards

Louis BerkhofIntroduction to Systematic Theologypp. 23-27 The necessity of dogmas may be argued in various ways. Even the followers of Schleiermacher and Ritschl defend it in spite of their subjectivism, and notwithstanding their mysticism and moralism. Several reasons at once suggest themselves, why Christianity cannot dispense with dogmas [i.e. formally stated doctrinal standards]. 1. Scripture… Read More The Necessity of Doctrinal Standards

An Introduction to Covenant Theology

In these sermons, Rev. Michael Ericson of Trinity Presbyterian Reformed Church, does an expository study of God’s covenants in Scripture. Links and embedded audio players have been added for your convenience. These sermons, which provide insight into the covenants of Scripture, are sure to edify you and prove to be a helpful resource. I. The Covenant of Works The Making… Read More An Introduction to Covenant Theology