Christ’s Intercession In The Old & New Testaments

The intercession of Christ is perpetual. This perpetuity was prefigured of old by the constant fire on the brazen altar, by the daily holocaust of sweet savour, and by the perpetual incense—all of which were brought to a point by the burning of incense on the Day of Atonement. Christ is a nobler Priest, and He belongs to a more noble dispensation. He lives forever as the God-man. His is a personal life; but He also lives forever officially as Priest. And His office is therefore not transferable. He exercises an unchangeable priesthood. As His pleas are of everlasting force, so He ever lives to plead them. His meritorious undying love is constant, fervent, and unchangeable. His fulfillment of the conditions of the Covenant is an enduring ground for pleading the promises.… Read More Christ’s Intercession In The Old & New Testaments