The Necessity of Doctrinal Standards

Louis BerkhofIntroduction to Systematic Theologypp. 23-27 The necessity of dogmas may be argued in various ways. Even the followers of Schleiermacher and Ritschl defend it in spite of their subjectivism, and notwithstanding their mysticism and moralism. Several reasons at once suggest themselves, why Christianity cannot dispense with dogmas [i.e. formally stated doctrinal standards]. 1. Scripture… Read More The Necessity of Doctrinal Standards

The Discretionary Power of the Church | Willem Apollonius

William Apollonius (1602-1657)A Consideration of Certain Controversies (1644), pp. 130-143. Whether it be lawful for churches to prescribe to themselves constituted laws and forms, and certain canons, by ecclesiastical authority, wherein articles of faith, and things necessarily required by God for the government and discipline of the churches, are out of the holy Scriptures ex¬≠pounded… Read More The Discretionary Power of the Church | Willem Apollonius