Seven Reasons For Six Day Creation

Robert L. Reymond A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith Chapter 11, pp. 392-394. Much has been written about the length of the days of creation, whether they were ordinary days of around twenty-fours hours duration, long ages, some combination of days and ages, or simply a nonhistorical literary framework or mnemonic device intended… Read More Seven Reasons For Six Day Creation

The Four “Books” of Natural Theology

Natural Theology is the knowledge of God, as sovereign creator and judge, from nature, without special revelation. Man cannot know God as redeemer or discern the gospel from nature, nor many of His attributes, but man can know that God exists, is holy, righteous, wrathful against sin, etc. without having special revelation (Rom. 1:19-21). Therefore, all men are… Read More The Four “Books” of Natural Theology