Peter & Jude vs Pseudo-Enoch on Angels

Carl Friedrich Keil (1807-1888)Commentary on Genesis 6:1-8,Pentateuch, fn. 1, pp. 84-85. 2 Peter 2:4 & Jude 1:6 Do Not Reference Angel Marriages. Nor do 2 Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6 furnish any evidence of angel marriages. Peter is merely speaking of sinning angels in general (ἀγγέλων ἁμαρτησάντων) whom God did not spare, and not of… Read More Peter & Jude vs Pseudo-Enoch on Angels

Genesis 6: Fallen Angels Or Sons of Seth?

Carl Friedrich Keil (1807-1888)Commentary on Genesis 6:1-8,Pentateuch, pp. 80-88. The genealogies in Genesis 4 and 5, which trace the development of the human race through two fundamentally different lines, headed by Cain and Seth, are accompanied by a description of their moral development, and the statement that through marriages between the “sons of God ”… Read More Genesis 6: Fallen Angels Or Sons of Seth?

Four Reasons Samuel Did Not Return From The Dead

Necromancy is when Satan is consulted within the form of a dead man. A memorable example hereof is recorded in 1 Samuel 28. First, I prove that the opinion which says that true Samuel appeared unto Saul is a flat untruth by four reasons. Response to four objections. Observations about Witchcraft from 1 Samuel 28: First, that there is a league between the witch and the devil. Second, the devil will be ready at the call and command of witches and sorcerers when they are intending any mischief. Third, by this, the great power of the devil in the behalf of the sorcerer is made manifest.… Read More Four Reasons Samuel Did Not Return From The Dead

Satan’s Evil Wonders

Having seen that the devil can in general work wonders, yet not true miracles, we continue to the types of wonders he can do, and the practical uses of understanding this doctrine. Now more particularly, the devil’s wonders are of two sorts: illusions or real actions. Application: 1. The working of wonders in itself is no consolation. 2. Scripture alone is the rule, not things confirmed by wonders. 3. God permits evil wonders and witchcraft. 4. God holds Satan’s leash.… Read More Satan’s Evil Wonders

Satan is Incapable of True Miracles

A true wonder is a rare work, done by the power of God simply, either above or against the power of nature, and it is properly called a miracle. Now the effecting of a miracle in this kind is a work proper to God only. And no creature (man or angel) can do anything either above or contrary to nature, but He alone who is the Creator. For as God in the beginning made all things of nothing, so He has reserved to Himself, as a peculiar work of His almighty power, to change or abolish the substance, property, motion, and use of any creature. The second sort of wonders are lying and deceitful, which also are extraordinary works in regard of man, because they proceed not from the usual and ordinary course of nature. And yet, they are not miracles, because they are done by the virtue of nature, and not above or against nature simply, but above and against the ordinary course thereof. And these are properly such wonders as are done by Satan and his instruments.… Read More Satan is Incapable of True Miracles