New Covenant Tribulations

First, God’s Word threatens plagues and punishments to the disobedient and the transgressors of His commandments. Secondly, because these are the last times, and Satan sees that he has but a short time to continue, therefore he bestirs himself. Thirdly, the church of God has always been subject to the cross, and none must marvel if it be. How can the world love them that hate it and have little acquaintance with it and are on the earth as pilgrims, waiting every day for happy passage through the troublesome sea of this life to their own home, even to the heavenly city of Jerusalem?… Read More New Covenant Tribulations

Predestination and the Free Offer of the Gospel

David Dickson (1583-1663)Therapeutica Sacra, pp. 124-127 Objection. But some there are who maintain the decree of Redemption and Covenant between God and Christ (which in substance, is one with the decree) to be absolute concerning the powerful and invincible conversion, perseverance, and salvation of the elect; but concerning the rest of the world, they tell… Read More Predestination and the Free Offer of the Gospel

Five Reasons “Jehovah” is Correct | Franciscus Gomarus

Excerpted from an upcoming translation of Johannes Hornbeek’s “Institutes of Theology Harmonized from the Best Authors” (pp. 57-59) by Charles Johnson of Reformed Theology Delatinized. Franciscus Gomarus (1563–1641) on the Pronunciation of the Divine Name (YHWH) For, although God, on account of the infinite eminence of his nature, and the limited acumen of created intellect,… Read More Five Reasons “Jehovah” is Correct | Franciscus Gomarus

The Importance of Godly Rulers | Francis Turretin

Excerpt from Francis Turretin’s dedication to the “most magnificent, noble, and honored men of the consul and all the Senate of the celebrated Republic of Geneva“, Institutes of Elenctic Theology, vol. 1. Our Geneva, not shadowy and emblematically but truly, is that city sustained by the hand of God alone; not by human means or… Read More The Importance of Godly Rulers | Francis Turretin