All Additions to God’s Worship are Unlawful

Samuel Rutherford The Divine Right of Church Government and Excommunication pp. 95–100 Cap. I. Q. 1. Whether or not Human Ceremonies in Gods Worship, can consist with the perfection of God’s Word?[1] These human ceremonies we cannot but reject upon these grounds; Arg. 1. Our first Argument is: Every positive and religious observance, and rite in God’s worship,… Read More All Additions to God’s Worship are Unlawful

6 Reasons Protestants and Roman Catholics Can Never Unite

Many Evangelicals today see the divisions among Christians, the many denominations, and the sometimes heated rhetoric between brothers, and rightly desire to see unity among Christians. Indeed, many modern Evangelicals even want to see unity between Protestant Christians and Roman Catholics.1 While such a desire may seem well-intentioned on the surface, we need to examine whether… Read More 6 Reasons Protestants and Roman Catholics Can Never Unite

Psalmody Objections Answered: Paraphrases

Psalmody Objections Answered: Paraphrases By Richard Bacon Copyright 1999, The Blue Banner (from v. 3 #5-6, May-June 1994), (reposted with permission) Introduction One sometimes hears objections to singing only Psalms in public worship. Interestingly, the objectors seldom stop to consider that many of their objections, if they were valid, would speak against singing any… Read More Psalmody Objections Answered: Paraphrases


There is a growing interest in many Reformed Circles about Psalm Singing, particularly Exclusive Psalmody (  I am a staunch proponent of the practice). I will not be in this article trying to directly argue for Exclusive Psalmody (the best case for the practice can be read here: but will rather be exploring the various… Read More Psalters!