When Does the Sabbath Begin?

Christ was laid in the grave on Friday night, being the preparation to the great Sabbath, which followed. The women who rested and came not to the grave till Sunday morning (to use our known names) are said to rest according to the commandment—as if coming sooner had not been resting according to it. His lying in the grave must be accounted to be some time before the Friday ended, otherwise he could not have been three days in the grave. And therefore a part of Friday’s night is reckoned to the first day, then the whole Sabbath or Saturday is the second, and lastly a part of the night, to wit, from twelve o’clock at night, belonging to the first day or Sunday, stands for the third. And so he arose that morning, while it was yet dark, at which time, or thereabouts, the women came to the grave, as soon as they could because of the Sabbath, and therefore their seventh day Sabbath ended then, and the first day Sabbath began.… Read More When Does the Sabbath Begin?

How to be in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day

This is the main thing wherein the Sabbath is to be sanctified, and wherein it represents Heaven, to be abstracted from the world, and to be living above in our spirits, eminently ravished in Spirit, as abstracted from things, we are to be taken up with on other days. The frame of a Sabbath should be a kind of ravishment, wherein not only we are not taken up with working our ordinary callings, but we do go about prayer and other spiritual duties in a more heavenly way than on other days, and that with a difference in our frame, being more elevated and spiritual, we should be other men in more divine contemplation. This is the main thing called for in sanctifying the Sabbath.… Read More How to be in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day

Is the Sabbath Optional? An Evaluation of Romans 14 and Colossians 2

Wilhelmus à Brakel The Christian’s Reasonable Service Vol. 3, pp. 171-176. Objection 4: The Sabbath Is Detrimental to the Gospel. “One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord; and he that… Read More Is the Sabbath Optional? An Evaluation of Romans 14 and Colossians 2

The Myth of the “Continental View” of the Sabbath

While it is true that there is some diversity of opinion and practice on the Sabbath in the Continental Reformed tradition, ranging (in the Netherlands, for example) from the loose position of Cocceius, to the strict view of Voetius, Koelman and a’Brakel, the views of the Reformers regarding the Sabbath are much more Sabbatarian than… Read More The Myth of the “Continental View” of the Sabbath