Paedo-Baptism, Yes; Paedo-Communion, No.

A common objection against infant baptism by credo-baptists is that if children are to be baptized, then, for the sake of consistency, they ought to also be admitted to the Lord’s Supper. In other words, the logical conclusion of infant baptism necessarily leads to the absurdity of infant communion; paedocommunion is obviously unbiblical and absurd,… Read More Paedo-Baptism, Yes; Paedo-Communion, No.

Rejecting the Federal Vision: It’s a Gospel issue.

Reformed Christians should reject outright the aberrant teaching known as “Federal Vision” (FV) theology (AKA “Auburn Avenue Theology”). As R.C. Sproul said before the PCA’s 35th General Assembly (2007): “I can’t fathom why there’s any hesitancy about [rejecting Federal Vision]. There’s too much at stake—this is the Gospel we’re talking about.” So far the ARP, OPC,… Read More Rejecting the Federal Vision: It’s a Gospel issue.