The Manner of Christ’s Coming

Christopher LoveThe Penitent Pardoned, pp 172-180. In treating of the doctrine of Christ’s coming again, the other query is this, how or after what manner shall this coming of Christ be? But I will come again. Now in the resolving of this question, I shall confine my answers to these six particulars. 1. He shall… Read More The Manner of Christ’s Coming

2. Rise and Progress of Ecclesiastical Supremacy

J.A. Wylie Book I. History of the Papacy. Chapter II. Rise and Progress of Ecclesiastical Supremacy. The first pastors of the Roman Church aspired to no rank above their brethren.[1] The labours in which they occupied themselves were the same as those of the ordinary ministers of the gospel. As pastors, they watched with affectionate… Read More 2. Rise and Progress of Ecclesiastical Supremacy