The Nature of God’s Covenant

Francis Roberts (1609-1675) Mysterium & Medulla Bibliorum The Mystery and Marrow of the Bible Book 1, Chapter 2. Of the Name, General Nature, and Distribution of God’s Covenant. APHORISM I. The names given to God’s Covenant with his Church in Scripture, are principally two, namely, בְּרִית (berith) in the Hebrew Original of the Old Testament, and… Read More The Nature of God’s Covenant

The History of Instrumental Music in the Church

In our last post we saw how the Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW) is the standard by which we should approach the question of instrumental music in the corporate worship of the church. We demonstrated how instrumental music—as part of the ceremonial worship of the old covenant—has been abrogated and is no longer part of […]

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Practical Considerations on A Capella Worship

  Is instrumental music acceptable in new covenant worship? To answer this question we must be precise about what we are trying to investigate. The question is not whether instrumental music may be enjoyed in private, nor whether it may be used in secular, non-ecclesiastical social gatherings. It certainly can, and is a great blessing… Read More Practical Considerations on A Capella Worship

An Introduction to Covenant Theology

In these sermons, Rev. Michael Ericson of Trinity Presbyterian Reformed Church, does an expository study of God’s covenants in Scripture. Links and embedded audio players have been added for your convenience. These sermons, which provide insight into the covenants of Scripture, are sure to edify you and prove to be a helpful resource. I. The Covenant of Works The Making… Read More An Introduction to Covenant Theology