Why Be A Covenanter? | J.G. Vos

Why be a Covenanter? The Reformed Presbyterian Church is a small, unpopular denomination with “old-fashioned” beliefs and strict principles. Why should we continue as members of this Church which differs from other denominations and is regarded as “queer” by so many people? 1. Not because of custom or family tradition. 2. Not because of cowardice or people pleasing. 3. Not because of convenience. 4. But because of conviction!… Read More Why Be A Covenanter? | J.G. Vos

Prohibited Marriages: Consanguinity & Affinity

Charles HodgeSystematic TheologyVol. 3, pp. 407-421. Prohibited Marriages. That certain marriages are prohibited is almost the universal judgment of mankind. Among the ancient Persians and Egyptians, indeed, the nearest relations were allowed to intermarry and in the corrupt period of the Roman Empire, equal laxness more or less prevailed. These isolated facts do not invalidate… Read More Prohibited Marriages: Consanguinity & Affinity

The Necessity of Doctrinal Standards

Louis BerkhofIntroduction to Systematic Theologypp. 23-27 The necessity of dogmas may be argued in various ways. Even the followers of Schleiermacher and Ritschl defend it in spite of their subjectivism, and notwithstanding their mysticism and moralism. Several reasons at once suggest themselves, why Christianity cannot dispense with dogmas [i.e. formally stated doctrinal standards]. 1. Scripture… Read More The Necessity of Doctrinal Standards