We aim to promote Presbyterian perspectives, as summarized in the Westminster Standards. Read our Confession of Faith.

It is our hope that this site will build up, as is stated in the preface to Jus Divinum Regiminis Ecclesiastici:

“Things are handled rather by way of Positive Assertion than of Polemicall Dissertation, (which too commonly degenerates into verball strifes, 1 Tim. 6.3,4. 2 Tim. 2.23. and vain-jaingling, 1 Tim. 1.6.) and where any dissenting opinions or objections are refelled [refuted], we hope it is with that sobriety, meeknesse and moderation of spirit, that any unprejudiced judgement may perceive, we had rather gain than grieve those that dissent from us, we indeavor rather to heale up than to teare open the rent, and that we contend more for truth than victory.”

Each post is the position of the author and not necessarily reflective of the position of the other contributors.

Any author or material quoted or linked to is not necessarily an endorsement of everything by the author cited.

We can be contacted at purelypresbyterian@gmail.com.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I found this site through a Facebook friend. I was wondering what Presbyterian group you are affiliated with, if any, so that I may annotate it in my bookmarks, if that is ok. Thanks.


  2. Could you point in the direction of an Historicist response to the two-age schema? As attracted as I am to Historicist Postmillennialism what has pushed me in an Amillennialist direction is how the two-age paradigm causes issues for Postmillennialism (as I see it) for the same reason it causes problems for Premillennialism: unto which age does the thousand year golden-age/millennium belong? Please and thanks.


  3. Just found your site today. Excellent ! I am Reformed and it is hard to find
    a good source of truly biblical information.
    Jeff S.


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